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Right to Repair Memorandum signed

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the Association of Global Automakers, the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, and the Coalition for Automotive Repair Equality have announced their collective acceptance of a national agreement to ensure consumer choice in post-warranty auto repair, decisively ending the longstanding “Right to Repair” debate within the industry.

The MOU states that automakers must make the same diagnostic and repair tools available to independent shops that dealerships use. Starting with model year 2018, every automaker will be required to use a standardized, non-proprietary interface for mechanics to retrieve service data from a vehicle. If automakers refuse to comply, a five-member panel that represents both sides can be summoned to resolve the dispute. On the other side, repair shops have agreed to stop lobbying for a federal Right to Repair law. The agreement will only apply to vehicles model year 2002 and newer while motorcycles, heavy-duty vehicles with a gross weight rating over 14,000 lbs and RVs are exempt. It’s worth noting that the MOU isn’t law but rather a voluntary agreement. It won’t be valid until all 23 automakers, and not their respective trade groups, sign individual letters agreeing to comply.

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The PARTS Act has been reintroduced

You can show your support of the PARTS Act by clicking "Support the Bill" and sending your legislators a note.

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