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An Association of Leading Automotive Aftermarket Wholesalers 

proudly serving Indiana and Kentucky.

YANG Launches "Best Future Career" Video

The Young AutoCare Network Group's video is a comprehensive overview of the auto care industry, highlighting the variety of career paths within its 500,000 businesses. Click the "screen" to the left to see it now.


Automotive Telematics YouTube, Whitepaper Released

The Auto Care Association and CAWA has developed a YouTube video to begin the education process on telematics. View it here. A white paper on Defining Telematics is available at www.aftermarkettelematics.org.

Auto Care Association launches Career website

The Auto Care Association has launched a new auto care careers website, www.autocarecareers.org, to educate young people about, and attract them to, careers in the auto care industry. Learn more.

Copper Free Brakes Memorandum Signed

Industry players have signed memorandum of understanding to reduce the use of copper in brake products. Get more details.

Right to Repair Memorandum signed

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the Association of Global Automakers, the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (now Auto Care Association), and the Coalition for Automotive Repair Equality have announced their collective acceptance of a national agreement to ensure consumer choice in post-warranty auto repair, decisively ending the longstanding “Right to Repair” debate within the industry. Get more details.

The PARTS Act has been reintroduced

You can show your support of the PARTS Act by clicking "Support the Bill" and sending your legislators a note.

Look Before You Pump

The gas you put in your car may no longer be safe for small engines, UTVs and outdoor power equipment. The equipment affected include: mowers, garden tractors, chain saws, boats, snow throwers, trimmers, UTVs, power washers, blowers, chippers, grinders, generators, compact construction equipment, as well as small engine applications such as water pumps, irrigation systems, and others. Get more details.

KIAWA-endorsed bankcard 

merchant services program

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CompManagement Risk Services
Safety Academy offerings 

Fuel Discount Program

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