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   Scholarship Contribution Opportunity:


Each of us owes a debt to the industry in which we have made our living.  Just as we work for the betterment of our community, church and other organizations, we have the same responsibility to our industry.  The KIAWA Educational Foundation, Inc. provides a vehicle for us to respond. The KIAWA Educational Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 foundation, and all contributions are tax deductible as charitable contributions.

Each year, the KIAWA Educational Foundation awards scholarships to promising students entering your industry.  Bringing young people into your industry is vital to its continued success not only for each of us but for our nation=s economy.

We are asking for your donations to continue this outstanding tradition and the need for your industry.  Your contribution is not only a way of supporting our industry but a way for you to say Athank you@ to the industry.

Won't you invest in our industry's future?

KIAWA Foundation Education Scholarship Donor Form