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for grassroots legislative activity*

A flashing "Action Alert" icon signifies an active legislative issue that needs your immediate help. Just click on the flashing "Action Alert" icon and you will be directed to the "Get Active" site for a more complete description of the issue and the opportunity to make your voice heard.


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* OEDA's Dealer Advocacy Center provides instant grassroots access to your representatives in both the State Legislature and the US Congress.
 By using "Get Active" you can send either pre-written or personalized email letters to your State Senator, your State Representative or your US Senator or US Representative -- without having to know their email address.


The "Get Active" software automatically determines your legislative district and the sends your letter on its way. You can even print out a copy of the finished letter for your own records. It's fast, it's easy, and, most importantly, it's effective. It's really grassroots activism at its best!

Federal issues are monitored by the Associated Distributors Association (AED), and grassroots access to Congress is gained from the AED website, www.aednet.org

State issues are monitored by OEDA and grassroots access to your State Senator and State Representatives are gained right from this page.

For more information, contact info @ amgllcusa.com