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Right to Repair Legislation



Small advocacy groups in several states have been promoting what is commonly known as “Right to Repair” legislation. These groups argue that state Right to Repair legislation will lead to increased competition and decreased prices for consumers.

At UEDA we recognize that the Right to Repair legislation is an issue that could have significant impact on dealers across our region. 


Our position on this legislation states:

  • UEDA supports legislation which protects consumers.

  • UEDA opposes legislation which allows the widespread release of proprietary equipment repair information to unqualified persons or entities which are not subject to uniform standards including training, safety, engineering and environmental.

  • Such legislation could facilitate conduct which would put equipment operators and third parties at risk and put dealerships who invest in training, safety and liability coverage at an unfair disadvantage.

In short, we support end users' right to repair and is committed to providing information and tools that make that possible. We also believe that dealers are the most effective option for equipment repair. Finally, we believe over-broad "Right to Repair" legislation is not only unnecessary, it would risk the safety, durability and environmental sustainability of equipment.


Introduced State Right to Repair Legislation

2019 Session: HB 1413 Link to the bill on Indiana General Assembly website (so you always have the latest version). 


Right to Repair Dealer Resources
  • Common Sense Repair Solutions This flyer briefly explains the challenges of right to repair.

  • R2R Statement of Principles This explains the industry's commitment to support end users.

  • Right to Repair Information  This flyer helps outline repair information that is available to consumers. A great resource for consumer education and customer mailings.

  • Right to Repair "Fact vs. Fiction" This flyer helps set the record straight on the misconceptions and risks with the Right to Repair legislation.

  • R2R Solutions This joint initiative by the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) is an excellent starting point with a great short video.

  • Understanding the Trends and Implications for the Industry This webinar, presented jointly by AEM and EDA provides an overview of the Right to Repair initiative and how to get involved. 

  • Apples to Oranges This one-page fact sheet explains the important differences between automobiles and farm and construction equipment

  • Equipment Dealers Association  Natalie Higgins, EDA VP of Government Relations, chairs an industry working group on right to repair legislation, which includes participants from regional dealer associations, OEMs, nongovernment agencies, and like-minded trade associations. 

  • How Dealers can get involved



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