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Emergency Preparedness & Management

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Select E from the A-Z index located in the top banner and click Emergency Preparedness and Response.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Click Emergency Preparedness and Response topical tab located in the top banner.

National Safety Council

Emergency preparedness information for natural disasters, workplace, pandemic, home and community.

Open for Business: Business Continuity Plan

Interactive online risk management tool that guides you through the steps of creating and maintaining a disaster planning and recovery program tailored specifically for your business. Sponsored by Federated Insurance for all members in KIAWA, MAERA, and OMEDA as well as Federated-insured members of OEDA.


Resources for natural disaster preparation..

CompManagement Risk Services

AMG has endorsed CompManagement Risk Services, a Sedgwick Company, to provide OSHA Compliance and Workplace Safety training and information for members. You are encouraged to contact them with your safety questions and/or concerns.

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