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The Ohio Department of Education has approved the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential as an option for obtaining a high school diploma. Effective with the 2017-2018 academic school year, high school students can now earn their diploma by receiving the 12-point UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential, along with earning a 13 on WorkKeys, Ohio’s work-readiness test.

High school students enrolled in Agricultural & Industrial Power Courses are eligible to receive the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential, but only those who achieve a benchmark score on Ohio's End-of-Course Assessments and satisfy 700 hours of supervised hands-on experience will be granted the credential.

What is the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential?

The United Equipment Dealers Association (UEDA) and the Ohio Equipment Distributors Association (OEDA) have joined together to create a new industry-recognized credentialing system to identify exceptional achievement by high school students. Both your Association directors and the staff have been very involved in its development. 

Each course in the curriculum has associated competencies (or outcomes) that must be accomplished by the students before graduation. Your board has reviewed these various competencies to ensure they reflect today’s needs in a dealership. 

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How is the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential earned?

To be granted the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential, Ohio high school students enrolled in approved career technical agricultural education programs must:

1. Receive a passing grade on the End-of-Course Assessment in 4 of the following 5 courses in the Industrial Power Technology Pathway:

  • Electronic & Electrical Systems (Required course for credential)

  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics (Required course for credential)

  • Engines & Fuel Systems

  • Outdoor Power Technology

  • Power Trains

2. Satisfy 700 hours of supervised hands-on training, including a minimum of 350 hours of dealership placement3. Receive a satisfactory employer assessment from the dealership of employment.

Qualifying students will then receive a Certificate of Achievement along with an official Certified Technician decal for their tool boxes from the Association.

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What do UEDA and OEDA members gain from the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential?

UEDA and OEDA has endorsed this industry-supported credential to help dealers:

  • Better identify those students trained and certified for entry-level employment

  • Better identify those students to sponsor for continued education in corporate training programs, such as those offered at Owens Community College, OSU-ATI, or University of Northern Ohio; or by your manufacturer

  • Fill the technician employment pipeline by providing internships to high school students enrolled in career technical education

  • Build and improve partnerships with Ohio's high school Ag and Industrial Power Programs

  • Increase input into identifying current and future trends that need to be taught in the courses for employment

  • Participate on boards and advisory councils at local vocational schoolsHere are a couple comments from dealers who have been involved in the development of the credential.

     “As the owner of the business, I am particularly interested in attracting and maintaining qualified, skilled technicians to service the power equipment lines we offer to our customers. When I learned of the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential, I was thrilled. It provides another tool in my HR toolbox to help separate the better applicants from the rest. This industry-backed credential creates value in helping me determine which applicants would make good entry level employees for my service department.”

-- Chuck Miller, Miller Lawn & Power, Marion OH

 “I’d like to say how thankful I am to have such a credential to help me select better-qualified applicants to work in my business. As an owner of a two-location dealership, I need good entry-level technicians who can work without constant supervision — I just can’t be at both locations at the same time. I feel confident that if I hire an applicant who has earned the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential, he or she will be ready to not only be productive, but willing to learn new skills."

-- Dale Magie, Moe’s Outdoor Equipment & Supplies, West Chester OH and Springboro OH

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What do students gain from UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential?

UEDA and OEDA has endorsed this industry-supported credential to provide students:

  • More exposure to career and job opportunities with UEDA and OEDA members

  • With a high school graduation option that includes hands-on work experience

  • Support in applying for industry internships

  • Support in applying for 2-year and 4-year degree programs

  • Support in applying for corporate-themed degree programs and training

  • Support in applying for industry-sponsored scholarships 

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What does Career Technical Education receive?

UEDA and OEDA has endorsed this industry-supported credential to help vocational schools offering Ag & Industrial Power Programs:

  • Attract students interested in career technical education

  • Provide students with an Ohio Department of Education-recognized Industry Credential pathway to graduation

  • Strengthen industry partnerships and communication

  • Improve industry involvement in identifying appropriate current and future curriculum content important to employment in dealerships

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The bottom line

Your Association encourages you to support – and use – the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential to your advantage by:

  • Including the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential as a “preferred qualification” in your job application ads

  • Adding the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential preference in your job descriptions for technicians

  • Providing internships to high school students seeking technical career

  • Looking for the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential in applicant resumes

  • Asking prospective applicants if they have earned the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential

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With benefits for dealers, students, and Ohio’s vocational education system, we think the UEDA-OEDA Technician Credential is a “win-win-win situation”. Spread the news and start using it!

For more information about the Certified Technician Credential, contact Dennis Alford, Chief Marketing Officer at dalford @ amgllcusa.com or 614-889-1309.